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we're giving crypto nomads accommodation options that work for them. with springr, you can pay in crypto, build vibe-based connections and earn rewards for positive sum behavior.

why springr?

pay in crypto

pay in crypto

book stays and receive payments from guests in crypto.

url to irl

url to irl

connect with a crypto-native nomad community in your city.

earn loyalty points

earn loyalty points

get paid in tokens for staying and hosting. use your points for exclusive internal + partner rewards

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as a members-only network for crypto nomads — we review all applications for safety and quality purposes.


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applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. we’ll let you know via email, telegram or your preferred contact method. no hard feelings — it's just supply, demand and culture fit.



congratulations! you’re in. use your unique invite code to mint a springr pass.


stay. host. earn

browse stays in your next dream destination. host your next best fren. get rewarded for your involvement.

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